Jimmy G does have a girlfriend.  

As one of the most celebrated athletes in the NFL, mostly for his looks, Garoppolo is a man that many women seem to admire. So it’s always fun guessing if Jimmy is single, or is he just keeping his private life private? It seems Jimmy has maintained much secrecy when it comes to who his girlfriend is, and by all accounts, he’s chosen to appear to be 100% single.

Jimmy pretends to be a bachelor, or at least  it has seemed that way for the last several years. Jimmy has had some romantic encounters with pretty good looking ladies, he does have a dating history. So, let’s dig into his past dating history. 

Jimmy Garoppolo started dating Alexandra King after eventually meeting her in early 2017. At the time, the NFL  hunk was playing with the New England Patriots.

For those curious, Alexandra is an Instagram model and a social media star who regularly posts her lifestyle-related content on Instagram. 

Jimmy Garoppolo’s ex-girlfriend Alexandra King

They broke up several years ago, and since then Jimmy has only been linked with an Adult star, one he was spotted out with for dinner in Beverly Hills. 

Jimmy Garoppolo’s porn star date Kiara Mia

Now it appears Jimmy G is  once again dating, and he’s done one hell of a job keeping his latest relationship under wraps. 

So who is Jimmy Garoppolo’s new girlfriend? 

We received a tip pointing out that Jimmy is in fact not single, and he’s been dating the same girl for about two years. 

From our source: 

“Jimmy’s Garoppolo’s girlfriend is Giuliana Milan. 

She works for a sports marketing agency and has been dating jimmy for at least two years. Giuliana is friends with all his family and they all love her. I smell marriage and babies soon!

She’s the beautiful girl on the right in the picture. Also take a look at her amazing custom Garoppolo sweater! All Jimmy’s family follows her too”

Check out the pics of Jimmy Garoppolo’s new girlfriend below: 

Some of the Niners wives and players follow her, including George Kittle and his wife Claire. 

More importantly, Jimmy Garoppolo also follows her. 

Jimmy G has long been considered one reason the 49ers couldn’t get over the top. But now more than ever, the Niners seem to finally believe in their QB. All Jimmy G does is win, and judging by this latest reveal that he actually has a girlfriend, the winning is continuing.

Check out more of Jimmy G’s rumored girlfriend Giuliana below:

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