The Philadelphia Eagles have some decisions to make at quarterback.

Franchise quarterback Carson Wentz is hoping to return from his ACL injury and start the season in the lineup.  Backup Nick Foles has one year remaining on his deal.

Coming off of a Super Bowl win Foles’ trade value will never be higher.  But if you trade him away and Wentz goes down with another injury or isn’t ready to start of the season, what are they left with at backup?

With those questions yet to be answered, Jimmy Kimmel told Eagles running backs Jay Ajayi and Corey Clement, that Nick Foles had been traded.  After an initial look of complete shock washed over them, Kimmel revealed that he was joking.    

They might as well come to grips with the idea of Foles being dealt.  It’s likely to happen at some point before next season’s trade deadline.