This is what JJ Reddick previously said about Dinosaurs

  But I’m not entirely convinced dinosaurs existed. I’m not. I’ve come across some weird websites in my Google searches. For instance, the word dinosaur. It didn’t exist until like 1842. There was no word for dinosaur. And then all of a sudden in the next 15-20 years, after a British scientist comes up with this word dinosaur and describes it in a medical journal, people started finding fossils. And I’m thinking to myself alright, humans we’ve been here since 10,000 BC. We’ve been roaming the earth, we’ve had multiple empires all over the world … and all that time we didn’t find any fossils until 150 years ago? It makes you think!”  

Now he’s backtracking. From his recent podcast with friend of FTW T.J. McConnell:

“This is the first podcast that I’ve actually recorded since the episode with Kyrie was put out … so I haven’t had the chance to really explain my stance on dinosaurs. I just want to be very clear about this: I do in fact believe that dinosaurs existed. I believe that dinosaurs fossils are reals. My intention with Kyrie, and I believe this was his intention as well, was just to talk about how we gather information in the digital age, where that information comes from, the abundance of that information and how that information can inform us and shape our beliefs and whether or not those beliefs are real are not is irrelevant because that information is out there and there are people that believe in that. I believe in dinosaurs.”

Well that’s a relief. I wonder what his thoughts are on the Earth being flat? These athletes need to educate themselves.