Houston Texans star JJ Watt has been often injured throughout his prolific NFL career, and now that the trend is players retiring early, a la Gronk,  people are wondering how much longer JJ will actually play.

The good news for the Texans fans is JJ Watt is once again a dominant healthy player.

The bad news for opponents is Watt, who enters his ninth season, doesn’t plan on going anywhere in the near future.


“I don’t want to leave the game anytime soon,” Watt said. “I love it. Hopefully, we can say that I had two less years of pounding on my body, I had two less years of wear and tear, so that means two more years on the back end.

“I feel good right now. I’m excited about the season ahead. I’m excited about the team that we’ve got and the guys that we’ve got. I love it. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I get to go around and chase a ball for a living and they pay me to do it. I couldn’t be any luckier.”

With the leg and back injuries in the past, Watt no longer has to spend time in a rehabilitation room and can focus fully on what he does best as one of the NFL’s elite defensive stars.

“I get to spend a lot less time in the training room,” Watt said. “I get to just work on my craft, work in the weight room and not have to worry as much, I would say. The last two years, you’re just trying to get back, hoping to be able to play and hoping that you can play at a decent level, whereas this year you get to actually focus on improving and getting better and not trying to come back from a traumatic injury.”

The scary part about playing in the NFL  is that you’re only one injury away from an early retirement.  

JJ is definitely nowhere near retirement age, but a lot of things can change quickly when you’re playing a sport that you get hit in the head a ton.  

Hopefully JJ will be able to play for a long time,  the NFL needs stars like him out there.  

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