JJ Watt can’t hide his stunning girlfriend anymore. J.J. Watt apparently has found Miss Right. The Houston Texans defensive end, has been dating soccer star Kealia Ohai since July 2016. They’re almost two years in. 

We’re hearing whispers JJ will propose soon, and that although his Mom pretends to be friendly with Kealia, she thinks JJ can do much better.   

JJ is a real Mama’s boy, so his Mom and Kealia are willing to play nice in order to keep JJ happy says our source but JJ’s Mom is not a fan. 

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt and his girlfriend Kealia Ohai have been globetrotting the last few months, and according to our source, have become closer than ever, which means the question will be popped sooner rather than later. 

Connie side-eyeing Kealia lasted longer than a split second.  She looked dismayed all thru Kealia hugging JJ & then when she kissed him too. The two strangers in the background looked happier for JJ & his Girlfriend way more than JJs own mom did said our insider  

Let’s hope for JJ’s sake everyone gets along!