Troy Aikman and Joe Buck are back for another exciting year of NFL football and classic exchanges like this one.  Buck told the viewers at home (incorrectly) that the Cleveland Browns, a team with one win in the past two years, has better odds of winning the Super Bowl than three teams that made the playoffs last year.

“Did you know Las Vegas has the Browns at 60-1 to win Super Bowl 53?  That’s better odds than Atlanta, Jacksonville, Kansas City.  Three teams that were in the postseason a year ago.”

Of course, Aikman who has had the common sense concussed out of him went along with it.

“That’s crazy stuff.”

It’s almost as crazy as the two of them actually believing Buck’s made up odds.  The actual odds for the Browns are 75-1.  The other three teams aren’t anywhere close to being worse than those odds, because as Joe pointed out, they were all in the playoffs last season.

The gambling degenerates on Twitter didn’t let him off the hook either.