Looks like Joe Budden is taking some heat for a very distasteful joke. 

On a recent episode of his podcast, the rapper was talking about a lot of different subjects.

He finished up the episode and joked that one day he was going to create a documentary about “all of the crews that could kill you that y’all don’t know about.”

He then went on to say that he’s intrigued with finding out that people are killers:

“Guess who’s a killer? Kawhi’s dad…it’s a fact.” 

“Dad is in jail for I think whatever,” Budden said. “I won’t get into it, I’m afraid. And the uncle is out handling the business [as Kawhi’s manager]. When you look at Kawhi and his game and his demeanor, don’t it sound right? And, then you’re happy to know that.” While the others joke about Kahwi and his family, Rory goes online to verify what his co-host is saying. “That’s false information, Joe,” Rory says, interrupting the chatter. “His father, Mark, was shot and killed January 18, 2008, at the Compton carwash he owned. He may have been involved in something, but he is now passed away.”

“Okay, rest in peace to Kawhi’s dad,” Budden replied. “That doesn’t change my story at all. Alright, so he’s not here. But guess what? In the articles that I read before he left, he was getting busy. And to my knowledge, I think the uncle’s gettin’ busy.” Then, the three men laugh, joke more about the uncle, and move on to another subject. Social media users were quick to say that Budden was disrespecting Kawhi and his late father with his remarks. “Yeah that was the last straw,” one user tweeted. “I’m not rocking with any Joe Budden content for a while. To inaccurately depict Kawhi’s dad as a criminal for sh*ts and giggles when one of the BIGGEST facts about Kawhi’s story is his father being murdered is sickening.”

You can listen to Budden go in on Kawhi deceased father below: 

Budden better hope Kawhi’s large hands don’t get put around his toothpick neck. 

Talk about a terrible joke. 

The worst. 

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