Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana sat down with the Score and let a few hot takes fly.  Well one or two hot takes for sure.

After reliving some of his glory days, Montana was hit with some rapid fire questions.  After revealing who he likes watching the most in the league and what head coach he would play for, he took some shots at the Patriots and Colin Kaepernick.

Montana says he’s tired of watching the Patriots in the Super Bowl and then compared Colin Kaepernick to Tim Tebow with an incorrect stat about the former 49ers QB’s completion percentage.

To be fair to Joe, there’s no way he knows how the internet works.  He was probably told Kaepernick had the same completion percentage as Tebow and was never able to confirm it on his own.

It turns out neither former quarterback has a 49% completion percentage.  Tebow’s completion percentage is actually 47.9% and Kap’s is 59.8%.

Now if Joe wanted to go after Kaepernick for something football related, he could point out that he has a below .500 record.  Even Tebow finished his career with a winning record as a starting quarterback.