Joey Bada$$, a talented, 23 year old MC from Flatbush, Brooklyn with serious mic skills, a mature ear, and throwback sensibility, well he knows a good guy when he sees one. 

Here’s Joey telling a story about LeBron James during All-Star weekend. The dude is clearly smitten with the King, and Joey even goes as far as to call him the GOAT. Not sure exactly when this video was taken, but for some reason it’s resurfaced today. 

Watch below: 

“Let me tell y’all a story about LeBron, right,” he continues. “I was at All-Star Weekend last year, right…. We at the party, whatever, we chillin’. […] It’s like mad All-Stars and sh*t. Everybody’s acting shady, all the All-Stars, they was acting like they ain’t know nobody. I seen Lebron… LeBron went out of his way. First of all, I’m right here, LeBron all the way over there [*gestures*], and he like, ‘Yo Joey!'”

The encounter sounds like it was a quick one, but it left a huge impression on Joey. LeBron really seems to know his rappers pretty well. Never hurts to have that street cred.