WWE superstar John Cena reveals why he’s growing his hair out for the first time on Monday’s holiday edition of Ellen, as he’s sporting a new, shaggier ‘do in his quest to step out of his comfort zone.  

‘It’s weird to see you with hair!’ Ellen told the West Newbury, Massachusetts native, who grew out his hair over six months while filming a movie in China

Cena told the daytime star that he’s kept his locks extremely short ‘as long as I can remember,’ and that he’s still adjusting to the change.

‘Why not embrace the uncomfortable for once?’ Cena asked, noting that he’s ‘totally uncomfortable’ with his current hairstyle and wishes he could go get his trusty $8 haircut.

Cena noted the efficiency of the close cut, as he could ‘get out of bed’ and be ‘ready to go’ with the short ‘do.

‘I’m just trying to figure my life out,’ he said. ‘It’s cool to be able to try something new.’

Ellen asked Cena about rumors he could be next in line to play the role of Marvel superhero Captain America after Chris Evans announced in October he’s leaving the film series.

Cena played cool, but made clear he’d be willing to don the blue suit and mask of the superhero:

Cena is just one of many in a long line of wrestlers turned movie stars. Who’s next is the big question.