It’s the vacation that no one wants to go on. Every spring, TNT’s Kenny Smith packs up his rod and reel and puts out a sign that says he’s Gone Fishin’. Wall and the Wizards were eliminated last round, and instead of fishing, the All-star looks to be cruising. 

Wall and the Wizards lost to the Raptors in Six games, those very same Raptors who were just swept by the Cavs. What if the Wizards played the Cavs, would have they fared any better? Maybe this is what John is thinking about. John was seen driving his car, and tagged this girl. Watch below: 

Was that a message for someone? Looks like John is doing a lot of contemplating right now. Maybe this season has taken a toll on him. Also another question, is the girl he tagged anything more than just a singer to him? That look says it all. Check out more pics of the girl John tagged below: