Stephen A. Smith put Wizards guard John Wall on blast for spending too much time at the D.C. hot spot, Rosebar.  The First Take co-host is trying to lay some blame on Wall for the Wizards terrible 2-8 start.

Wall didn’t just sit back and take it, but he also didn’t help his case much either.  He went on Instagram and not only confirmed that he does go to Rosebar, he also took a shot at fans who think he should spend all of his free time in the gym.

Via BSO:

John Wall is taking the Rosebar thing in stride.
He went to IG live to confirm he does hit up Rosebar and will continue to do so. He also spoke on fans thinking he should be in the gym 24/7.

That’s the response you would expect from a guy on a 2-8 team.  The greats spend a ton of extra time in the gym, it’s how you improve, it’s how you go from being a good player to being a great player.  

Enjoying your free time during the regular season only leads to a longer off-season.  I guess that’s the difference in a guy who wants to win championships and a guy just playing for the paycheck.