The battle off the court between Drake and John Wall continues. Drake talked a lot of trash to John Wall after the Wizards lost two straight in Toronto. 

Drake even talked about bringing out the broom for Wall and his teammates. Drake, who is the global ambassador for the Raptors, has been trash talking to several Wizards players from his Toronto courtside seat including Kelly Oubre Jr., who he called a “bum”.  

 “Yeah, you know I am. For sure,” Wall said when asked if he is looking forward to seeing Drake now that the Wizards have evened the series as it shifts back to Toronto. “I told him to be here for Game 3. He told me he was going to be here. He didn’t show up. He told me we were getting swept. He said he had the broom for us.”  

 “My reaction is, we did what we were supposed to do; we came home and won two games,” Wall said of his response to Drake’s sweep comment. “My arguments with him ain’t really about the game of basketball — we just be out there having fun. But at the same time, we [have] a focus that we are trying to go in there and win Game 5. I want him to know that they weren’t going to sweep us.”  

John Wall was asked if he’s currently listening to Drake’s music during the series, and the point guard simply replied “no.”  Watch his interview below: