Just when Johnny seemed to be on his way back to playing football, more dirt from his past gets brought back to light. This guy’s past is always going to haunt him. 

According to TMZ, the police report describes a hectic and frightening scene between the NFL bust and his ex-girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, on the night of Jan. 29, 2016. The disagreement started at a hotel room and allegedly grew violent while Manziel was driving Crowley back to her car.

Crowley, according to cops, escaped the car and tried to hide in some bushes, but Manziel tracked her down and brought her back, at which point he struck her with an open hand, rupturing her eardrum.

“She felt like she was going to die or get beaten really bad,” the police report reads

  “Johnny Manziel just beat the s–t out of me,” Crowley screamed before neighbors called the police, according to the report.  

According to TMZ, Manziel has since completed the terms of his plea deal and the case has been closed out,  which is why cops are now releasing all of the files. You can see the rest of the pics there.