Johnny Football, for the first time more than two years, will be back playing football real soon when the upstart Spring league kicks off its second season. Or, as Johnny Manziel has been dubbing it on social media, ComebackSZN is in full effect.  

So Johnny is back doing the media rounds, trying to drum up some NFL interest. Now he’s revealing just exactly what his rock bottom was like.


“I got so low to the point where I questioned what I was doing and if my life was probably really worth living to a point anymore and got really down and really had to sit and reflect and look on what I was doing every day,” Manziel said Wednesday during an interview with ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt.

“My mom came to me one day and asked me — she didn’t really ask, she was just in tears — ‘What are you doing with your life? Why do I have to go around and get this secondhand of words and conversations of the negative things you’re doing around the world that’s coming back to me?’

  “And I saw how bad that it broke her heart, and it sucked. And it really hit home.”  

“I have a great family. I was always raised the right way. I knew the difference from right and wrong, but for whatever reason, I just liked to choose wrong,” Manziel told Van Pelt. “And I got in that rut.”

Manziel said he’s reliant on his family, agent, wife and a “great support system out there if I choose to use it, and I started to use it.” He said he has shed those in his life who were in it just to have fun.

“It’s nice to wake up with a smile on your face and not be down and out,” Manziel said.

Are you buying the new Johnny? Or is he just doing whatever he needs to do to get back on the football field? Only time will tell.