On Wednesday, the Montreal Allouttes placed Johnny Manziel in the CFL’s Concussion Protocol.  Manziel took a huge hit to the head last Saturday and appeared to briefly lose consciousness as he fell to the ground.

According to the Alouettes, who released a statement on Manziel’s condition, he was cleared by the doctors and didn’t develop symptoms until Tuesday morning, via TSN

“On Tuesday morning, Johnny Manziel mentioned to our medical staff that he felt symptoms that could be associated with the prescribed medication he uses for a previously diagnosed medical condition. He then missed practice in order to have some blood work done. In view of the hit he received on Saturday and the potential mitigating side effects of his prescribed medication, the Alouettes medical staff has placed Manziel under the CFL concussion protocol for further observation and precautionary reasons. Manziel will be closely observed and assessed in the next few days.”

Head coach Mike Sherman said after practice he would not be comfortable starting Manziel Saturday against the Edmonton Eskimos if he didn’t practice Thursday.

According to Barstool Sports, who Manziel does the podcast “Comeback SZN” with, he will address the injury on the next episode and will not be playing in Saturday’s game.

Despite them saying he will be “observed and assessed”, I’m told definitively he will NOT be playing Saturday vs. Edmonton and will be continue to be evaluated for next week’s game vs Toronto.

We drop a new episode of Comebak SZN tomorrow morning and we’ll get Johnny’s thoughts on the hit and much more. Subscribe away.

Yeah, no kidding he suffered a concussion.  It was pretty obvious to almost anyone watching the play.  I’m not a doctor, but I’m going to guess hitting your head and going unconscious, even briefly, isn’t great for your brain.  It probably also means you suffered a “C” word.  Anyone still want Canadian health care?