Montreal Alouettes quarterback Johnny Manziel has been cleared for two weeks to return from the concussion he suffered on August 11th.  But he hasn’t been put back into the starting lineup.

On Thursday Manziel was questioning if he was still the guy in Montreal.

Via SportsNet:

“If the club had faith in me, I feel like I would be the guy, I feel like I would’ve been the guy after I came back from the concussion,” Manziel said. “That hasn’t happened, so I need to continue to get out here. And it’s the hardest part about missing practice, I need these reps to try to leave as little doubt as possible in my ability to play.”

That’s a very valid question on Manziel’s part.  Why wouldn’t they let him know what’s going on?  And why would they take his job because of a concussion?