Johnny Manziel stopped by for an UNINTERRUPTED podcast visit with former teammates Joe Thomas and Andrew Hawkins, Manziel  recently said he has bipolar disorder and has been trying to find a spot back in the NFL. The former Heisman winner opened up about what exactly happened the infamous night be became Billy Manziel in Las Vegas. 

JM: “It wasn’t what was going on in the building … it was what was going on at home that was causing me so many problems and one of those problems led me to Vegas,” he said. “I felt like I couldn’t solidify or fix my home life without going out there. So I had this reckless, reckless plan. On a Saturday after the walk-through, I’m going to catch a 12 o’clock (commercial flight). So I fly out there, I get there at 2 or 3 or whatever time it is and I’m going to stay there for three hours and I’m going to catch the 10:30 flight back so I can make my mandatory treatment session the next day … so I fly out there, I land. … For whatever reason, I don’t use any of my Vegas contacts for this, I’m just like, ‘I’m going to go with the flow,’ and literally go up to the front desk and (say) ‘Hey, can I get a room at Planet Hollywood?’ So I go to Planet Hollywood, I’m talking out my family business, like whatever.”  

JM: “And then I’m like, ‘You know what, that craps table is calling my name, that blackjack table’s calling my name.’ Because the Horseshoe in Cleveland’s corrupted me. So I sit down and the guy IDs me. I hand him my ID and he takes a look at the TV right behind me and there’s an announcement, my name’s on the bottom of the ticker, it’s a Browns something and he’s like, ‘That’s you.’ And I’m like ‘Yeah.’  

Then Johnny went in full disguise that night. He went to a wig shop and ended up with a blond mullet. 

JM: “I put it on in two seconds, I shaved all my facial hair but my mustache …it was a blondish, brown mullet. So we decide to go to a casual dinner before. Let’s go to Hakkasan for dinner, before we go to Hakkasan for the club. Sit down with a couple of my guys that are there. They’re laughing their (expletive) off. It’s all fun and games until one promoter’s like, ‘This is not really all that funny. This is a serious deal.’ We go out, we stay out all night, Chainsmokers. It was alright. It was what it was.”  

JM: “I get back at 2 that morning, and this is the point in time before I knew if I was flying private or doing anything like that. If I had known, I would have hopped on a plane and been back on time. But I didn’t know. Throughout my whole career in Cleveland, I lived with a $2,000 every two week stipend pretty much. I had a debit card. I was living like a college kid that had just gotten his stipend check from the school. I didn’t spend five grand here. I didn’t go buy clothes. I had all my cars from a place in Cleveland, I didn’t buy anything. So that’s where the real disconnect went. But I get back to the room that night probably 3 or 4 in the morning, and it’s already 7 a.m. East Coast time. We play at 11. This stuff is already starting to come out. I have to be there at 8, which is in an hour. I’m like, ‘I’m definitely not going to make that.’”  

JM: “And I was like alright we’ll just figure it out when we wake up. And I ended up waking up, just leaving my phone off. I turned it on sometime around 3 or 4 to absolute cluster (expletive) of messages because somebody, the promoter or whoever saw me, just went and sold it to someone in Vegas, a credible news source in Vegas — this is what they happened, this is what they ate for dinner, this is what he was drinking, this is how many drinks he had — so after that crazily enough I still go back to Cleveland.

JM: “I sit down with Jimmy (Haslam) and I sit down with Sashi (Brown) and I explain it to them. I explain where I’m at mentally, I explained what was going on in my home life and was just really open and honest with them about everything and then I think they were still going to stick through me with it … And then once the coaching change ended and we were looking for a new coach and the first thing I heard through my agent was, ‘If Hue Jackson gets this job, he has a contingency in his thing, if he’s taking this job the first thing he’s doing is coming and getting rid of you.’ “

No hard feelings for Johnny , read the rest of the interview 

JM: “So it wasn’t the end of the world but I treated it as it was the end of the world after sitting there with Sashi and Jimmy and feeling like they were going to go to bat for me a little bit. But I get it. At the end of the day, it’s a billionaire owner who has to make a decision for his franchise for the rest of time. So there’s no hard feelings there. It is what it is. And to be honest, I should have taken it a little better in the fact that hey, it’s not the end of the world. I’m just going to a new team instead of going into self-sabotage road from there.”  

Manziel will never get back to the NFL, but at least he did it like no other. This night should be turned into a movie, what a crazy story.