Forget about what’s next for Johnny Manziel’s football career for a moment.  There’s a more pressing matter facing the Manziels.  

Johnny’s wife Bre Tiesi is facing accusations that she cheated during a half marathon that she ran in mid-February. did an investigation and is convinced Bre cheated.

According to the race’s timing website, Bre covered the first 6.4 miles in 1:31:29 (14:15 per mile). She didn’t record an 11-mile split but ended up at the finish (13.1094 miles) in 1:58:22. That defies logic. That would mean that Bre ran the final 6.7 miles of the half marathon in 26:54 — which is faster than any human has ever run for 6.7 miles as it averages out to be 4:00.7 per mile pace.

Since the course map (h/t harambe) reveals that the 6.4-mile split is very close to the finish line, we imagine Mrs. Manziel just decided to take a shortcut so she could celebrate with some wine:

Bre insists she didn’t cheat and addressed the accusations with a couple of text posts on her Instagram story, via Busted Coverage:

We’re 100% with Bre here.  The issue isn’t whether or not she actually ran the entire race.  That’s not the point.  

The issue is why would anyone care either way?  

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