Do you know how to attract new customers to your bookmaker company? Then, don’t hesitate to join casino affiliate programs 1xBet introduced it more than 10 years ago. It has undergone many changes over the years. However, the main thing is the real opportunity to make a profit and the offer works on a permanent basis.

As a partner, you will need to promote the bookmaker on your social networks, blog or other platforms. To do so, you will need to publish materials about its activities. They are prepared by employees of the company and are available in different languages. This allows you to get the information to a different audience.

There will be a special link in the post. Thanks to it, the bookmaker will understand which customers came with your help. Explain to subscribers to follow the link, and this will be the first step to receiving the reward.

It is impossible to pass by the reward that each member of the affiliate program can receive. Its size is up to 40% of the office’s net profit from each client. It is important to understand that the sum may vary from time to time. Therefore, it is important to encourage your subscribers to make bets from time to time.

There won’t be any problems with the withdrawal of money. The bookmaker offers many methods of withdrawal. Among them, there are bank cards, as well as electronic wallets. Speed and security of transactions are guaranteed.

Why you should choose the affiliate program of the company 1xBet

A noticeable increase in the popularity of this way of earning is a trend of recent years. Now it is easy to join casino affiliate programs of the company 1xBet. It seems to be a good solution for several reasons at once, for example:

  1. The absence of financial risks for beginners. You will not have to spend any funds. On the contrary, you will be able to start receiving rewards very soon.
  2. There is an opportunity to use the services of a marketing specialist to get to know your audience better. Thanks to this, your publications will cause a greater response and attract many new active users.
  3. You can quickly solve the game’s issues by contacting your personal assistant. Every partner will have one immediately after registration within this platform.

It is easy to get acquainted with your statistics on a special page of the company’s website. The information is updated here in real time. If necessary, this will help you adjust your strategy for interacting with your audience and get an even greater response from your followers.