Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden acknowledged Sunday night that Khalil Mack’s contract demands were simply too large for the team’s comfort, and the trade offer from the Chicago Bears was too enticing to pass up.

“They’re trying to divide us,” Gruden said. “People are trying to divide us: ‘I wanted him gone, he wanted him here.’ We made a decision as an organization. [Owner] Mark Davis, [executive] Tom Delaney, we all got the information and we made a decision, together. And I’ll just say what [Reggie] said — I read what he said yesterday — it’s a decision that we all came to.

“I know there’s maybe some feeling that maybe I was involved in a day-to-day negotiation. I had nothing to do with it. We were at a standoff and something had to happen, and here we are.”

Mack, who held out and had not been at the Raiders’ practice facility since the end of last season, was under contract and due to make $13.8 million this season on the fifth-year option of his rookie deal. The Raiders could have used the franchise tag on him next season.

On Sunday night, Mack tweeted his gratitude to the Raiders fan base.

I’m fully confident that Gruden will get the most out of the players he has on his roster. You have to remember, he’s an old school guy, probably not used to having to explain himself, but when you make 100 million dollars to coach football, explanations are needed.