Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden has his own ideas on how to fix what stinks about the NFL. When asked Tuesday during the coaches’ breakfast at the Annual League Meeting in Orlando if he had a wish-list of changes now that he’s returning to the sideline, the Oakland Raiders’ coach suggested turning back the replay clock.

“I’d like to eliminate instant replay, honestly,” Gruden said. “That would be my No. 1 thing. Let the officials call the game. That’s just my opinion. I try not to play that game of ‘wish-list,’ you know what I mean?” 

Gruden, who spent the past nine seasons in a TV booth working for ESPN, pointed to ultra-slow-motion showing all the nuances of a play as the most troublesome aspect of replay.

“I think slow-mo replay is the biggest problem with replay,” he said. “When you’re looking at is it a catch or isn’t it a catch at that speed it’s hard to tell. So I think if you threw that slow-mo out, I think you’d get back to common sense. Let the naked eye determine some of these calls. But it always looks like pass interference when you’re going that slow; it always seems to look a little bit more dramatic in slow motion.” 

Gruden’s back, and he’s not holding back. If the Raiders come out winning, expect the old school mentality to be copycatted aroune the league. As far as replay is concerned, I’m all for getting the right call. When they start getting the wrong call by replay, then it has to be reevaluated.