UFC fighter Jon Jones went on First Take on Monday morning and was grilled about his failed drug tests and He has an interesting view of drug testing.

Jones first claimed that the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency proved he was innocent because they only found a trace amount of steroids in his body.

Then he pointed to the fact that USADA used to drug test Lance Armstrong as an example of why they’re a credible drug testing organization.

“Instead of judging and saying, ‘Oh well, this guy’s lying,’ because he’s always been a winner, you look at the science.  And USADA is a credible drug-testing agency, they always have been.  They’ve tested Lance Armstrong and lots of great athletes, the highest level athletes throughout history, and they don’t make mistakes.”

It doesn’t sound like Jones understands that you can’t have any steroids in your body.  No matter how little.  He also seems to be completely clueless about Lance Armstrong repeatedly beating USADA drug tests.  It’s truly amazing.