Jordan Clarkson is looking forward to his first full season in Cleveland.  The 26 year old is planning on another playoff run next season.


Speaking more about his first season in Cleveland, which ended in The Finals after being swept by the Warriors, Clarkson called it a learning experience he said prepared him for the Cavs’ next playoff run.

Maybe he hasn’t heard, but most NBA people in Las Vegas this week don’t think that’s going to happen, with LeBron James on the Lakers and all.

“I feel like we’re going to shock a lot of people this year just because LeBron left,” Clarkson said. “I feel great about the team, coaching staff. They got a lot of belief in guys, so I’m just ready to strap it up and get ready for the season now.”

Someone might want to do a full evaluation on Clarkson’s current mental state.  The Cavs have gone from the top of the weak Eastern Conference to the bottom of the barrel with LeBron’s departure.