It appears as if one of the hottest young NFL couples have called it quits.  Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer and his Instagram hottie wife Rachel Bush are finished.

The two have unfollowed each other on social media and word on the internet streets is that Poyer cheated on Bush, possibly while he was drunk.  In addition to unfollowing him on social media, she’s dropped his last name, which is another big red flag that it’s over.

Bush seems to confirm that she was cheated on and that Poyer was drunk by retweeting a “N*gga being drunk ain’t no excuse to cheat…” tweet.  

If Rachel Bush can be cheated on, then nobody is safe and everyone can be cheated on.  How in the world does this happen?

Following the scrub of her Instagram, Rachel has increased the IG fire.  She won’t remain a free agent long.  

On Poyer’s side of things, let’s hope this doesn’t affect his workouts.

(h/t Coed)