To celebrate National Sibling Day, which just in case you didn’t know, was yesterday.  Jordan Rogers, star of  season 12 of The Bachelorette, posted an Instagram of himself and his brother, Luke, standing like brothers in arms. But there was one brother he didn’t choose to mention. 

In the caption, Jordan  gave a loving shout-out to Luke but made no mention of their middle brother, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron.

“I’ve looked up to this guy since I was a little kid,” Jordan, 29, wrote about Luke.

“He is the coolest, best dressed, has the biggest heart, lovable, best griller, little kid big brother I could ask for. Love you bro!” he added. “Still jealous of your facial hair… #butnotthebodyhair.”

Everyone knows Aaron can’t stand his family, and has completely removed them from his life. Everyone figured once Rodgers and Munn broke up, a reconciliation would be forth coming. Nope, haven’t heard of anything yet. 

Maybe next year at this time Aaron will have made amends, and he can be the featured brother on Jordan’s IG post. Honestly don’t think Aaron can give two craps.