That’s one way to get away from all the drama.

Jordyn Woods has had it rough over the last month since being involved in Tristan Thompson‘s cheating scandal.

But now, the 21-year-old is planning to kick back, relax and leave her problems behind in California and she took to her Instagram Story to reveal that she’s leaving the country.

“What’s up guys?” the model could be heard in her Instagram video, walking towards her mother and consulting agent Sheeraz Hasan. “Mom, what are you guys talking about?”

“Here’s the plan — London activation and I heard you live skydiving in Dubai so right now, me and mom are lining up Dubai,” Hasan said. “It’s done, we’re arranging it right now.”

“I cannot wait, no, I need to skydive — soon,” Jordyn said, revealing that she would be in London at the end of the month while she’ll be traveling to Dubai “soon.”

It looks like Jordyn cannot wait to get out of the country and focus on anything else but the drama that’s been surrounding her.

You don’t mess with the Kardashians and survive to talk about it.

You get the hell out of Dodge.

Meanwhile, Tristan hasn’t seemed to be too worried about much since the scandal. The Cleveland Cavaliers big man was spotted out with another mystery woman and he was also seen partying poolside surrounded by beautiful women since his split from Khloé.

Check out more pics of Jordyn below:

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