Blue Jays third baseman Josh Donaldson will be a free agent next winter.  Baseball writer Jon Heyman wrote that according to his friends, Donaldson would be seeking a monster payday.

Via Fanrag Sports:

Josh Donaldson is believed to be seeking a monster payday, according to friends, and while he may not hit his goal (some think he may be shooting too high), he benefits from Manny Machado’s move to shortstop since he’d become the top third base option if Machado stays at shortstop as a free agent.

Donaldson called Heyman out on Twitter for the report and for his claim that his friends had shared the information.

I respect what you do for a living, but you don’t know my friends. Nor do my friends know what I want, because there is still information to be gathered.

Donaldson then schooled Heyman on how to do his job properly.

Heyman took his lumps and responded with his tail between his legs.

fair enough. i should have said in that short note that the belief is he will be aiming high. (which isn’t really a shocker as he’s a past mvp and played like one once back on the field last year.)

Heyman made an update to the post and even included Donaldson’s tweet calling him out for his terrible reporting.  Maybe next time just don’t make up the part about his friends as if you have some sort of inside information.