Browns receiver Josh Gordon sent out a Tweet back on July 23rd informing the team and fans that he would not be reporting to training camp as expected.  It was initially rumored that he might have had another issue with drugs or alcohol.

That is not the case.  Gordon is instead in a heated child custody dispute with his ex Christina Lockhart.  Days before his announcement he was ordered to begin making monthly child support payments in August.  

The issue with that is Gordon doesn’t start getting paid until September and wasn’t making money while he was suspended, via WKYC:

Browns receiver Josh Gordon was in the midst of a heated and protracted child custody dispute in the days leading up to his abrupt departure from the team, court records obtained by show.

Those same court records allege an attorney representing the child’s mother threatened “to air sensitive information to the public in an effort to embarrass [Gordon],” who has been embroiled in the support dispute since 2015.

The latest dispute came during a hearing held July 18 as the child’s mother continued to pursue Gordon for child support for their 3-year-old daughter.

Two days later on July 20, a Cuyahoga County judge issued a temporary order requiring Gordon to begin making monthly support payments of $6,765 beginning Aug. 1.

Let’s hope Gordon gets the whole thing taken care of and avoids serving any jail time.  We need Gordon on the field this season.  He’s one of the most exciting receivers when he’s on the field.