Brewers All-Star reliever Josh Hader addressed the Milwaukee media on Friday before the second half of the Brewers season got underway.  He was of course talking about tweets he sent out as a 17 year old that hit the internet during the All-Star game.

As he spoke his teammates filled the room behind him as a show of support for their teammate, who addressed the situation with them earlier in the day.

Via Journal Sentinel:

As for how he could post such vile messages as a teenager and then evolve completely past such beliefs, Hader said, “They were never my beliefs. I was young. It was stuff out of ignorance and not what I meant.

“I regret mistakes I made in the past. They don’t resemble the person I am now. That’s not my beliefs at all. It’s tough because of people I hurt by those tweets. That’s not something I wanted to do. It hurts me deeply.”

Hopefully everyone is able to see it for what it is, a mistake by someone when they were 17.  He is clearly remorseful and his teammates don’t believe those tweets reflect who he is.