After the New York Jets selected USC quarterback Sam Darnold, 20 years young, with the third overall pick in Thursday’s NFL Draft, McCown’s oldest daughter made him feel old when she told him his new backup is young enough to be his child. Bridget who attends the University of Tennessee is turning 20 this year. 

The NFL has a slew of elder statesman, and McCown is one of them. He also had kids at a super early age, and that’s on him. He can easily be a father figure and mentor to Darnold, then Darnold can replace, That’s how it always goes. 

McCown has played for eight teams, and he’s played in 95 games and made 73 starts since being picked in the third round of the 2002 draft. Not a bad career, just not a great one. Check out more pics of Josh’s older daughter Bridget McCown below.