Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman isn’t happy about how comments he made about Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott were construed earlier this week, and he made sure to let the media know about it on Sunday afternoon.

Norman was asked about Prescott leading up to their Week 2 matchup, and he seemed unmoved after Prescott’s dominant performance in the season opener

“You stand back there in the pocket all day and go through your first, second and third reads and come back to your first one, OK, cool. Anybody can do that,” Norman said on Thursday.“At the end of the day, he’s been playing well. As you can see, he’s evolved. He’s growing in the system. He’s just taking his keys and picking his targets and throwing the ball on time.”

Some took those comments as a jab directed at Prescott, which Norman insisted after Dallas’ 31-21 victory against Washington in Maryland wasn’t the case.

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