Athletes scrubbing their social media accounts is nothing new.  It happens when players end personal relationships and it happens, sometimes preemptively, when players join new teams.

With all of the rumors about the Cardinals drafting Kyler Murray and trading away last year’s first round pick, Josh Rosen, it makes sense that Rosen’s account would get scrubbed.

And it has.

The scrubbing comes just a few days after Rosen warned that his Instagram account had been hacked.

That can be used as a common defense when accounts are scrubbed and people point it out.  The “I’ve been hacked defense” is also used when posts meant for the burner account are accidentally posted to the main account.

That doesn’t appear to be the case here, unless Rosen is putting in work to make it look like a hacker.  A post appeared on Rosen’s account after the scrubbing that made fun of Rosen throwing interceptions.

Lock those accounts down kids.  You don’t want to end up losing your account and have your team convenientlu scrubbed from it.

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