Minnesota Timberwolves star Derrick Rose was found not liable during a civil rape trial in 2016. The plaintiff appealed.

Her argument was finally heard yesterday. 

It doesn’t sound like it was well-received. One of the appellate-court judges, Hon. Barrington D. Parker Jr., via Kyle Bonagura of ESPN:

“The main issue in this case is what happened that night between Doe and the three defendants,” Parker told Anand. “And you did a good job of presenting your case that what happened on that evening was nonconsensual, that she was raped.

“The defendants, as I look at the record, had powerful defenses to that presentation, which at the end of the day, the jury bought. You had a nine-day trial and this jury was out in what, 15 minutes? And you lose on every single claim. The jury just didn’t buy your case. No trial is perfect, but your evidence concerning the night in question came in and the jury had an opportunity to hear that.”

There is not a clear time frame for which to expect a ruling from the court. If the panel denies the appeal, the accuser’s side could try and appeal to the Supreme Court.  

When asked how he thought Friday’s proceeding went, Anand said: “Not as well as I would have hope for.”

Rose was not in attendance, but the other defendants, Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen, were present, sitting in the first row of the courtroom.