Atlanta Falcons receiver Julio Jones hasn’t joined the team for offseason workouts, and he’s deleted all his Falcons related pictures from his Instagram page, which has only fueled speculation the team and Julio are fighting with each other.   

According to ESPN, the team said the deletion of the Falcons photos had to do with Jones wanting a “fresh start” on social media and nothing more. 

 The five-time Pro Bowler signed a five-year, $71.25 million extension ($47 million guaranteed) in August 2015 and still has three years and $34.43 million left on the deal. His average from the deal — $14.25 million — falls below the averages for Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown ($17 million per year), Tampa Bay’s Mike Evans ($16.5 million), Houston’s DeAndre Hopkins ($16.2 million), Kansas City’s Sammy Watkins ($16 million) and Cincinnati’s A.J. Green ($15 million).  

This sounds like Julio wants more money. In the world of contract negotiations, Instagram now somehow plays a part. Check out more of Julio’s IG posts below, no Falcons gear anywhere.