Kanye West is team Kyrie all the way. 

The controversial rapper has been a trending topic for weeks as he went on an extensive media tour. During this tour Kanye continuously made anti-Semitic remarks and it got him in a whole lot of trouble. His fans were disappointed, and of course he’s been cancelled on many levels. Lately Kanye has been laying low. While he has made some social media posts here and there, Ye has remained quiet as people don’t necessarily want to hear from him right now.

But you know he’s going to continue whatever trip he’s on.  Kanye returned to Twitter last night where he decided to stand with Kyrie Irving.

See Kanye’s post below: 

Just in case you missed it, Kyrie is being accused of anti-Semitism after he shared a link to a questionable documentary. Kyrie refused to apologize after being called out for his post, but he has since taken down the tweet and has now pledged $500K to anti-hate groups. But still no apology.   Kanye seemingly feeling like he may have something in common with Kyrie, took to Twitter to show the NBA All-Star some love. There is no text attached to the image, but it’s clear that he supports the Brooklyn Nets star.

It is also important to note that Kanye posted about Kyrie on Instagram about three days ago. This post did, in fact, have a caption attached to it as Ye wrote “there’s some real ones still here.” Ye also extended this shoutout to Stephen A. Smith, who has since denounced Kanye West.

With Kanye returning to Twitter it will be interesting to see what havoc he causes moving forward. We could either see a barrage of social media posts, because any attention is what Kanye seems to crave. 

If I’m Kyrie Irving I’m probably looking to distance himself from Kanye. This just adds fuel to the fire of everything, and it isn’t doing anybody a service right now.

But that’s exactly why they call Kyrie the Kanye of the NBA. 

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