The Bucks took a two game lead in the Eastern Conference Finals with a 125-103 win over the Raptors on Friday night.  The series heads to Toronto for Game 3 on Sunday.

The Raptors aren’t too concerned about the two game deficit, because everyone knows that the series doesn’t really start until a road team wins a game. 

Kawhi Leonard was even cracking jokes that Gregg Popovich would be proud of.  He was asked, “where do you go from here?”

He gave with the perfect response to the question and knew it, even cracking a smile after he delivered it, “I’m going to Toronto for Game 3.”

How is anyone not a fan of this guy?  This is the perfect response to this question.  Are the Raptors in trouble?

Absolutely, but Milwaukee’s going to have to beat them in Toronto to really turn up the heat.  For now, the Raptors are relaxed enough to almost get a laugh out of Kawhi.

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