Prior to Leonard deciding on the Clippers, all reports indicated that Leonard was leaning towards the Lakers.

The only other option seemed to be him remaining with the Toronto Raptors. However, Leonard got the drop on everyone.

Now it appears Kawhi never had any inention of being LeBron’s sidekick. 

According to The Toronto Star,

Leonard was not interested in playing on a superteam with LeBron.

But Kawhi was said to be concerned about the dysfunction in the organization, and two sources say Kawhi did not want to play on a super team with LeBron. The Lakers were also the only team who leaked anything during the process, which more than anything indicated they had no idea who they were really dealing with.

The Clippers now become the chief rivals to the Lakers in terms of favorites to win the NBA Championship next year.

This is the most wide-open the NBA, especially the Western Conference, has been since the Golden State Warriors dynasty took over. 

Don’t think LeBron is going to forget about Kawhi not wanting to play with him. 

Should be fun to watch. 

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