The move to trade for Kawhi Leonard, even if it’s for one year, has paid off for the Toronto Raptors.  They defeated the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday night and are headed to The Finals for the first time in franchise history.

Of course in the back of all Raptors fan’s minds is the thought that Kawhi could leave in the off-season.  That thought is also on the mind of one of the members of Kawhi’s family or friends. 

Kawhi’s sister, Miesha Slayton, hopped on Instagram Live after Toronto’s Game 6 win to celebrate her brother’s trip to the NBA Finals.  As she’s celebrating, someone can be heard saying in the background, “they know darn well that he ain’t gonna be there next year.”

Some are speculating that the voice belongs to Kawhi’s uncle, who made plenty of headlines last summer as one of his advisers.  Whoever the voice belongs to, Slayton decided it was best to delete the video.

It’s not all that surprising.  The reports all along have been that Kawhi plans to leave Toronto after the season. 

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