While Kawhi Leonard finally showed up to see what the Toronto Raptors were all about, the relationship between he and all NBA teams is on thin ice. But Kawhi is not the problem; the real issue lies with his ‘Uncle Dennis’ WE introduced you to Uncle Dennis many months ago.  

According to a report by Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio Express-News, several NBA agents are starting to believe that Robertson has intentionally distorted Leonard’s rapport with San Antonio to a point where it was beyond repair, so that he could establish a new marketing company with his nephew as the face of the brand.

There is growing suspicion among a collection of NBA agents — a naturally suspicious group — that Robertson is aiming to build his own marketing company with his nephew as its signature client, and would like to position Leonard in a glamour market to do so. Multiple agents say Robertson — a former banking executive — has approached other players about wanting to be their manager.

 This is why San Antonio wasn’t a good fit long term. 

Now we see some T-Shirts that are being sold around the San Antonio area, with Dennis Robertson as the man to blame. 

According to his LinkedIn page, Robertson is the president of the elite athlete division at Protocol International, in the New York City-area. Robertson describes himself on the page as being an “award winning Banking Executive with over 30 years of experience in corporate branding, training and development, campaign marketing and promotion, and staff recruiting.” 

During his career in finance, Robertson worked for American Express, Carver Federal Savings and JP Morgan Chase. Now it looks like Kawhi works for him. Nephews should listen to their uncles, they just shouldn’t be controlled by them. I’m pretty sure things will quiet down when Kawhi actually plays for the Raptors.