Kevin Durant’s Phoenix Suns debut further pushed the championship narrative for one of the league’s best new cores.

But for Durant, who’s often caught flack for winning his only two championships alongside Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors’ dynasty, the external pressure to win a title with his new squad is non-existent.

“At this point, they’re saying go play with Scoot Henderson and win a championship, and then we’ll give you credit,” Durant told Yahoo Sports’ Vincent Goodwill following Phoenix’s 105-91 win over the Charlotte Hornets. “I don’t need no credit from y’all.”

He added: “Y’all don’t ever have to watch me play ever again, don’t talk about me if you don’t (rock) with me. I’m not gonna stop doing what I do. Everybody has their opinions, man. It’s not gonna stop me and how I approach the game.”

The former MVP’s trade from the Brooklyn Nets last month allowed him to join star guard Devin Booker, future Hall of Fame point guard Chris Paul, and an organization that finished with the league’s best record last season.

With that in mind, Durant doesn’t feel the need to become overly involved as one of the team’s new leaders.

“As far as leading a team, I don’t need to coach no team,” said Durant, “Whatever happens, we do it together. (Monty Williams is) the leader, he’s the coach. The (general manager) puts the team together. I’m supposed to go out and hoop. That’s my job.”

After a rough start to the season in large part due to injuries to Booker and Paul, the Suns sit 10 games back of first place in the Western Conference at 34-29. They’re also just two games up on the 7-seed, which would force them to compete in the play-in tournament.

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