Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant could be the most sought-after free agent this summer, and the two-time NBA Champion doesn’t know exactly what his plans are as of yet. 

Or at least that what he wants us to think. 

One thing KD is sure of, is 2019 will be a good one. 

For both the Fellas and the Ladies. 

KD dropped this little message for his fans to see. 

Sounds to me like Kevin is single and ready to mingle. 

KD was linked to several girls this past year: 

Check them out below: 


And at one point Durant was in a real relationship with a girl named Cassandra Anderson. 

Looks like 2018 is in the rear view mirror for the NBA superstar, and KD is not going to be tied down this calendar year. 

If he ends up with someone special, we’ll let you know.  

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