Even professionals can mistake with workout clothes while washing them. So, it is only normal if you did it. The thing is that you should know how to properly wash your clothes. This might be the reason your active apparel loses its performance quickly. The active apparel must go through a lot wick all that sweat and get washed twice more than other clothes and still perform their best. So, it is not a surprise that their life span is shorter. However, you can do little things and keep in mind these tips and tricks that can enhance the life of your workout clothes and at the end of this race save you a hell lot of money and make your workouts and results better. If this is what you want then stay tuned.

Detergent hacks

Regular, old-style, and most normal detergents are not meant for workout clothes because they can clog the fabric making a thin layer over it which restricts its sweat-wicking ability. What you can do is use the detergents that are made for workout clothes. One of the reasons why they lose performance is using harsh detergent that causes stretchy fabrics to break. Or maybe you are using too much of not too harsh detergent which has the same effects. Try to use less detergent, you are wasting it.

Adding the fabric softener, seriously. How much of soft fabric you want, activewear is already soft plus the fabric softener sticks to the layer ruining their performance. Don’t do fabric softener!

Washing and drying

Your washing machine is dirty, Yes, I said that. One of the reasons the workout clothes smell after the wash is a dirty washing machine. With time tiny particles get stuck in there and bold up like a mountain so wash it after time to time. Washing machines stretch clothes too much for a long time, the icing on the cake is done by hot water that you wash them in and the result is losing baggy clothes.

Then we come to drying the clothes, hanging them on a hanger or rope when they are damp causes them to stretch. When water is dried, they maintain the stretch there. Simply, just don’t dry them on hangers or ropes dry them off place on a plain surface. The mountain of clothes in the dryer makes causes most of the damaged. Hot drying also causes them to shrink so use air drying instead.

To protect and retain the performance also wash them inside out. Separate workout clothes while washing and drying from normal and regular clothes for better results. Zippers and buttons from other clothes can cause abrasions to workouts clothes so try washing them separately. If you are stubborn enough then put them in a mesh or cotton bag and then do your thing.

Leaving them in the bag

Don’t leave damp clothes in the gym bag after a workout, the bacteria, sweat, and smell, will consume clothes and can damage the fabric. Get them out and place on a plain surface to let it dry if not washing them right away.

Adding fragrance beads

Items like fragrance beads etc. item to cover the stink only masks it for the time and actually makes it worse. Remember bacteria and sweat are still in there. We are not saying, not to do that, just try to wash them as early as possible.

Do they still smell?

Try soaking your workout clothes in water and vinegar solution or baking soda solution for some time before washing them, according to above-given instructions and the smell will go away for sure.