Kelly Nash and her fellow MLB Network co-worker Scott Braun launched a new podcast last week.  The show is called “Baseball and Chill” and they didn’t waste anytime taking shots. 

During their first show last week, the topic of pace of play came up and according to Nash, pace of play is not the biggest issue in the game.  The 94 strike and the steroid era are to blame.

Nash called out Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun for dragging baseball through the mud.  Listen to it here (30 minute mark).

“It has to do with the steroid era.  It has to do with guys like Alex Rodriguez dragging this sport through the mud.  Let’s not forget those days.  He’s suddenly America’s golden child.  Let’s not forget those days.  Let’s not forget the Ryan Braun that had a guy lose his job and also drug this sport in the ground.”

Shots fired.  Interesting that she picked A-Rod, who has gotten into the baseball analyst game since his playing days ended.  

You can’t help but respect the move.  Most of the other big name steroid users don’t have much to do with the MLB, especially not the analyst game.