Summertime is the best time for a fling, and NBA rising star Ben Simmons did the most with his Summer. He was shacked up with Kendall Jenner all Summer long, but like most great things, they must come to an end. 

This news, which everyone already knew, comes from US weekly

“Kendall just loves being with her friends. That’s her main priority right now,” the source noted. “She has a small group and doesn’t stray. She knows who to trust and who not to. She’s young! All she wants to do is go out and party with her friends with no drama.”

In July, a source told Us that the two were “dating and exclusive,” and were “pretty inseparable.” Their romance began “fizzling” in August, mostly due to conflicting schedules.

We already spotted Simmons working another lady. Simmons will be much better off without that Kardashian element in his life. 

Sixers fans rejoice.