Kendrick Perkins had to respond to the Warriors after they criticized him for an incident with Steph Curry on Sunday.  The incident took place after Curry landed on his legs on the Cavs bench.

It is clear from the video that Perkins didn’t do anything wrong.  The fact that the Warriors are crying about it just shows how soft they really are.

Via Boston Globe:

“I was just sitting there and he landed on my leg,” Perkins said. “And he was standing over my leg and I don’t understand what people want me to do. He was like, ‘What you on?’ and I’m like, ‘What you mean what I’m on?’ I’m sitting over here.”

“I don’t know why people keep wanting to pick battles this way,” he said. “Might want to choose that [expletive] wisely, man, [rather] than [bleeping] with me. I don’t think I’m the problem that they want, though, might want to pick another battle.”

If you’re going to be launching threes from all over the court and then dance in your opponent’s face, you deserve anything that happens to you.  Including Kendrick Perkins possibly taking out your ankles from the Cavs bench, even though that’s not what happened.

Pro tip, if you don’t want Perk to snap your ankles, don’t land on him while he’s sitting on the Cavs bench.  He’s not the one.