When you’re the Champs, you can pretty much do whatever you want. Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and Ian Clark went to Cabo San Lucas immediately following the All-star game. The Warriors returned to practice last night. Judging by the videos we received, Kevin and the crew had one hell of a time. Lucky for the Big Ballers they made it back to practice in time without a scratch.  

Our source is telling us Draymond Green and Kevin Durant brought their girlfriends on the trip to Mexico with them. 

Trips like these are mostly reserved for scrubs who don’t make All-star weekend, so I’m a bit surprised KD would go out of his way to squeeze in another trip before the second half of the season started. That being said, KD has a ring, will probably win another one, so why not do the most while you’re still rich and young. Party on KD and Dray!