“Russell [Westbrook] going back to Oklahoma City was a great thing, but you [Kendrick Perkins] knew you announcing saying I’m going to announce why Russell [Westbrook] is the greatest Thunder player ever you knew that was a divisive statement. You know people would say that’s a shot at [KD] like you know that. So, my whole thing is you don’t have to do that in order to praise Russell you have to S*** on me because that is what the fans and the media in Oklahoma City made their money off of the last four years is S***ing on me. So, Perk you are just playing into that because you want a job and some notoriety in your profession, but we were actually friends before this. We actually played basketball games before this and I know your family, so why are you trying to use that tactic against one of your so-called brothers. That was my whole thing and then he called me out on Twitter about us losing in the second round I’m like Perk, you are on the same team as me. And you started and you didn’t play well.”