Earlier today we posted Kevin Durant confronting a fan at the Q, and then the fan had very little to say when Durant got into his face, and now another confrontation for Durant, this one occurred after he got back from the Q, to his hotel. 


Kevin Durant did not like being told his alma mater is “butt” — and it almost led to a confrontation outside the Warriors team hotel Wednesday night. KD — fresh from hitting that dagger that gave Golden State a 3-0 series lead over Cleveland — was returning to the Ritz-Carlton … where Cavs fans were heckling him on the way in.  They shouted stuff like “you suck” and “where LeBron at?” — but the one that got him to turn around … “KD, UT’s butt!”  Obviously, Durant went to the University of Texas … and he stopped in his tracks to stare the heckler down. In fact, a team official started to hold KD back. Don’t worry, he walked back into the hotel without incident.  For the record, UT basketball was “butt” last year — finishing 9th in the BIG 12. But, in all seriousness … Props to KD for not killing this guy.

Durant needs to learn how to block out all the haters. They’re goading him, and he’s falling for it hook line and sinker. Not sure why Cheese Butt set him off? That’s something you laugh at, not get upset about.