Kevin Durant and Chris Broussard are really starting to have a feud.

It started earlier this week, when Broussard said that a Warriors title in Durant’s absence would be KD’s worst nightmare.

The very public back and forth continued today. 

In an appearance on FS1’s Undisputed, Broussard talked about how he and KD have a relationship, and at times, they even engaged in two to three hours worth of text sessions.  

KD was once again not having it, and called Broussard out for fudging the truth. .

According to Durant, Broussard doesn’t even have his phone number.

Broussard caught wind of Durant’s response and said that what he meant to say is they communicate thru Instagram and Twitter DMs.

An honest mistake by Broussard? 

Let me ask you something, does a man who looks like this possibly ever stretch the truth??

At any rate, KD needs to stop watching TV. 

I know there probably isn’t much else for him to do in the morning, but this is getting out of hand. 

I doubt even Michael Jordan in the Social Media Age would have wasted his time calling people out on Twitter. 

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